AgileBiz™ is a Digital Business Platform To Integrate Your HR, Customers, Offerings & Projects To Transform Your Team to An Agile Business!

AgileBiz: An Integrated, Digital Business Platform

This Product Tour shows how the AgileBiz™, an Integrated Business platform, by providing always-on, from anywhere connectivity, for your team and customers, accelerate the speed of your business! Thus, your team can pursue Business Opportunities at Digital Speed, instead of being loaded with Disconnected ERPs!

Key Features

Integrated Digital Business Platform

AgileBiz combines your HR, CRM, Project Management along with Offerings modules in a single login application, with configurable role and rights!

From Anywhere, Anytime

In this Digital world, physical office is being replaced with Virtual Digital Office. AgileBiz let your team use self-serve to raise a HR request, chat with colleagues on a project or define requirements or give approvals. Allow customers to connect with you to collaborate on project.

Lean & Agile

Agile is an attitude! It is only possible if you are lean. AgileBiz provides a lean environment with a single login to access multiple modules. Configurable roles and rights means you have at your fingertip only information relevant to you and not burden to find out where it is. Each page has a on page tutorial.

Available as a cloud, ours or yours through annual license or as perpetual license on your server.

Human Capital

Base version of AgileBiz has Organisation, Profiles & Leaves included in Team HR module. Recruitment and Appraisal are available as premium subscription. Leaves sub module allows holidays, vacations and sick leaves. Organisation profile allows hire to retire lifecycle to be captured.

Human Capitan

Offerings - Products & Services

Manage your offerings such as products and services or customisation through this module. It manages the definition, feature list, requirements, issue and defects. It provides a three layer backlog for managing product/ services definition. It can be completely integrated with Customer support and project module.

Product & Services


The customer modules provides Customer list and Customer Support Management. The customer list can be seen as by products or services, or regions or division. Support provides a Kanban view of issue To Do, Doing & Done. Support lead can rank issues for urgency and priority.


Try It

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Buy It

AgileBiz™ is available for commercial usage through following three licenses: Annual On-Premise, Perpetual On-premise, & Annual Cloud License.

Licenses Annual Your Cloud Annual JBT Cloud Annual Amazon Cloud Perpetual Cloud
5 - $495 - -
10 - $975 - -
25 $1875 $2375 $3750 $4995
50 $3625 $4625 $7250 $9495
100 $6995 $8995 $13995 $17995

For above 100 licenses, please drop an email to us at

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JamBuster Support is available at two levels:

  • Standard Support: Basic complimentary CustomEX web based support cloud bundled with purchase of a JamBuster product.
  • Premier Support: Dedicated support plan, recommended for enterprise customers. On top of standard support, the premium support includes:
    • Extended support resolution timings
    • Dedicated support representative
    • Additional training and knowledge transfer

Premier Support Hours: IST 10.00 am to 6.30 pm