Satish Kamat Director JamBuster

DashFlow™: One Click Agile

Satish Kamat, MD, 15 April 2016.

When we were developing SoftAgile and SoftALM®, we faced same challenge as other agile tool makers. Namely creating a tool that is easy to navigate around. As such this is number one complaint about present day agile tools.

Turns out, agile as a development methodology has pretty good depth and thus to add or view data, user have to go deeper in menu. This problem gets exasperated when you add other ALM modules such as product definition and quality management.

This understanding led us to realize that instead of giving a multi-level menu, why don't we give a menu map that essentially provides the flow of application. Of course we made it clickable to allow a single click to go to those deeper views in the applications.

Single view of Agile

DashFlow™ is an integrated view of agile projects in SoftAgile and SoftALM®.

It is a combination of agile project dashboard integrated with SoftAgile workflow as shown below:

Dashboard and flow in SoftAgile

DashFlow™ serves many purposes:

  • Provides application map, making it easy to navigate around the application. Since this map is click enabled, one can jump to inner pages from project home page.
  • Provides a bird's eye view of workflow for agile implementation.
  • Provides an instant dashboard with key analytics across the whole project, from backlog to versions.
  • Instant view of releases with iterations for each of agile teams.
  • Flexible use of Lean vs Enterprise version. Through on page menu of pop ups or full page items.

We think when you integrate project management with lifecycle attributes such as backlog management, test and bug management, along with tracing code, one can end up with a pretty large system. DashFlow™ clearly is an easy way to handle such complexity!!

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