Sneha Ranjan

Digital Business Office for Remote Teams

Sneha Ranjan, Socials at JamBuster, 9 November 2016.

In this Digital age and long commutes, do we really always require an office space to work?

Turns out, now a clear new trend has emerged of working remotely. Remote working encloses a variety of arrangements in which "work", traditionally conducted in a physical office space is instead performed from the employee’s home or a satellite office or even from a coffee shop. Gone are the days when working remotely was something only meant for sales and marketing employees.

Rather with globalization, working remotely with main office has become a necessity. The congested, long commutes are not only costly on wallet, they also affect health and create stress. Add to that increasing office rent, and companies are looking create a win-win situation, by facilitating remote working.

With digitally enabled virtual office, many office related tasks, and even jobs can be done remotely. Add to that the many benefits of working remotely, depending upon person’s perspective. You can simply work in the comfort of your home and make the world your office. Collaborate with your colleagues in coffee shop or through audio or video chats. Key benefits that have encouraged remote working are:

  • No Commuting reducing stress.
  • Work-Life balance due to reduced commute time.
  • Increases productivity due to less stress.
  • Focused collaboration instead of constant disturbances.

So what has exactly enabled Remote Working? Technology - specifically Digital Cloud has reshaped the way we work.

In the past, remote teams managed their work through multiple long email trails and maintaining history, files and folders. Thus, lot of their time was spent in preparing, managing and messaging the data. Thus, their productivity could be a nightmare. Now things have evolved, and you are a single click away from an orderly virtual office. With another click, you can get a custom report. Also, instead of waiting for getting data from someone's spreadsheet, now the corporate data sits in a database with controlled access with a click. That is the power of digital business platform.

So what is a Digital Business Platform? Well, as it says, it is a cloud software that offers following capabilities:

  • From Anywhere, At Anytime: In this Digital world, physical office is being replaced with Digital Virtual Office. Connect from your home, a cafe or from your customer office!
  • Integrated Access: With a single login, access, modify and analyze your HR, Customer, Project & Product/Services data. Thus, your team use self-serve to raise an HR request, chat with colleagues on a project or define requirements or give approvals.
  • Digital Collaboration: Work with your team or invite your customers to connect with you to collaborate on project or report and resolve an issue at digital speed.

To enable this digital office trend, JamBuster has recently released its latest offering AgileBiz. AgileBiz provides your team a complete digital virtual office, with a single click. It's available anytime, from anywhere.

AgileBiz Integrated Business

Experience the AgileBiz through the product tour. See how AgileBiz makes the working fun again!

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