Satish Kamat Director JamBuster

JamBuster - Back To The Future

Satish Kamat, MD, 23 November 2013.

In 2004, Suneeta and I founded JamBuster to follow our dreams- I was looking to build a Technology Management software, while Suneeta wanted to work for our own. Little did we know, that we would be part of an ongoing three-wave phenomena in Indian Software Industry.

As R&D Process Owner in Air Products' Chemicals Group, I appreciated the linkage between R&D Innovation and technology management. More integrated technology management, easier to know where innovation was needed and easier to allocate right resources. Globally, companies spends annually about $1 trillion in managing technology, yet there is still not a single integrated technology management software. There are of course pieces of puzzles.

India 2004 was a great place to build such enterprise software, with still pretty cheap talent and low operation cost. However, teams needed structural and decision support, with their outsourcing background. Returning to India in 2003, for family priorities, this suited our dream to boot-strap a software product.

We started talking to friends in US, about our company looking for mentoring corporate customers. At that time, most project portfolio software were selling for ~$500K for 100 users. Our integrated technology management version would cost $25K- thanks to India Advantage!

Few phone calls and presentations, companies showed more interest in our ability to provide software development teams for 6-9 months. Before we knew, we were doing software development outsourcing.

Somehow, we did not see it as our opportunity to build a thriving outsourcing business, but just to pay for our product ambitions. Little did we knew, we had caught the tail-end of the outsourcing wave - first wave of Indian Software revolution that started really back in 1991-92 when Infosys went public.

Our focus was, of course, technology companies with R&D, such as informatics, telecom, mobile, mapping, and enterprise, with teams ranging from 5-20 people. Both of our R&D experiences came handy, but more relevant was the fact that we were in India, with knowledge of western professionalism and Indian culture.

This experience became the spring board for build-operate-transfer contract for a Captive Software R&D India Centre for a telecom multinational company. With the strategic guidance and mentoring of their executive team, we got to take a 15 people project team from JBT in late 2006 and build a 350+ people India Telecom Software R&D Center by 2012.Between 2000-2010 represents the second wave - multinationals building their India Software Captive centers.

By 2009, JamBuster decided to move out of outsourcing business, to focus on software product development, while completing the ongoing captive contracts. This experience of managing operations of a fast growing small company, build-operate-transfer a captive software R&D center for a multinational in India, and manage 100+ out-sourced software projects across time zones, led to solidify our beliefs: need of micro, small and medium enterprises (mSME) for an integrated technology management software for teams collaborating through multiple global sites. Equally important, it also brought out the critical need for an affordable, integrated software for operations for 20-2000 people teams.

In 2013, JamBuster, armed with this experience and conviction of its objective of building software for mSME decided to further focus on R&D Technology and Business Operation Management Software. Over this transformational year, we plan to introduce these two lines of software, on cloud and on-site for mSME.

Interestingly, some 1000+ product start-ups have spring boarded of these two waves of Outsourcing and India Software Captives, giving rise to the third wave that seems to be getting off the ground just recently - the Indian Software Product. The Indian Software Juggernaut that started in 1990s, is in its third wave.

So here we are in 2013. JamBuster started with the intention of building software product in India, took the first detour to software outsourcing services and then next to build-operate-transfer India R&D Captive center, we are now back to what we started with - to build a software product company in India.

Thus, at JamBuster, we are Back to That Future!