Sneha Ranjan

PlayScrum Agile Meetup at JamBuster®

Sneha Ranjan, Socials at JamBuster, 12 March 2016.

We at JamBuster® hosted PlayScrum Meet at our premise on March 12, 2016. PlayScrum community has been organizing meetup across various cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune.

The community is for the Scrum practitioners who share and learn how they play scrum on a day to day basis and how to make use of Agile methodologies with Scrum to be effective in delivering great products.

On March 12, a good number of people came for the PlayScrum meet at our premise.

The meetup started with Dr. Satish Kamat’s presentation on Agile and its evolution over the years. It was taken forward by Ria Nawaz (System Analyst Lead) and Nimisha Kulshrestha (QA Lead) who presented JamBuster’s Agile tools: SoftAgile and SoftALM®.

Vishal Budhwant (Member of PlayScrum community) presented on “Multi-tasking Myth”. The whole idea around his topic of presentation was how multitasking which is considered as a good thing can be disastrous and declines the overall output of any work. The short game session attached to it, made the session quite interactive.

With Abhijeet Verma’s thank-you speech, we concluded our session at around 1:00 PM.

PlayScrum Agile Meetup at JamBuster

This was a new experience for us to host and participate in the Playscrum Meetup at JamBuster® and we look forward to continue to sponsor these meetups in future.

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