At JamBuster, our commitment to quality is part of our Corporate Objective of developing a world class software product organization that delivers unmatchable user experience for enterprise software.

Thus, JamBuster is dedicated to our product quality. We take great pride in the quality of our products and related services, and stand behind it with the support we offer.

JamBuster’s quality philosophy is borne out of our pursuit of technology excellence, while creating a delightful user experience. It is thus fine tuning the strong technology capabilities, with the user interfaces that are responsive, lucid and self-explanatory. This is a worthy challenge given the complex enterprise capabilities our software provides.

To achieve this, each of our products is engineered by qualified, trained software developers, verified by quality analysts who test it rigorously against the product requirements, defined by our product line managers. We use a proprietary Software Application Lifecycle Management process or SoftALM. It is the culmination of continuous improvement of our experience of more than 100 outsourcing projects with 3-30 people teams working over multiple continents, over last 10 years, with multiple customers in the area of informatics, mobile, GIS-GPS, telecom and enterprise software.

The SoftALM process is captured in our enterprise product for software product and services companies, aptly named SoftALM. SoftALM process and tool provide a complete framework for TL9000, ISO9001:2008 and CMMI 5 quality standards and certifications.

Update March, 2014: JamBuster Is Now An ISO9001-2008 Certified Company!

Advancing JamBuster’s commitment to quality software products, we are proud to share that JamBuster Technologies was recently awarded with the ISO 9001:2008 certification. The specific scope of the certification is the development and customization of enterprise software products for Business & R&D Management. JamBuster looks at this ISO Certification as:

Certification of our commitment to continuous development and improvement of processes, procedures and best practices for developing highest quality software.

The first among other certifications, we will strive to achieve, in line with industry standards and compliance certifications of our customers, such as TL9000 and 21CFR11.

This certification was awarded by TUV India (a subsidiary of TUV NORD) after a stringent audit of JamBuster’s processes, procedures and documentations.