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SoftAgile™ is an agile project management tool for your software development teams, so your teams can focus on what’s important!

SoftAgile™ unleashes the power of Agile, whether you're just getting started or a seasoned agile expert. It provides you with a flexibility of moving from traditional waterfall world to an agile world at your own speed, configuring combination of Scrum, XP, Kanban and Lean practices.

Thus, SoftAgile™ provides you choice of defining a product feature with requirements or Feature with User Stories or Feature with User Stories through Requirements.

Any Agile project management software must make it easier for you to create and estimate stories, build a sprint backlog, identify team commitment and velocity, visualize team activity and report on team progress. SoftAgile™ makes it scalable for enterprises with 5-500 team members, using a scaled agile framework for enterprise size teams.

When you make great software using our Agile tool, you are bound to grow! SoftAgile™ can continue to support as you grow from a 5 to 500 people team. We do recommend that 50+ people team should move from Agile Project Management to Agile Application Lifecycle Management (Agile ALM). To provide you the continuity, we bring to you the SoftALM® - our Agile Lifecycle Management platform. SoftALM® contains SoftAgile™ as a module and has same DB and UI, hence such migration will be painless and transparent!

Key Features

The SoftAgile™ model explained below provides an overview of how Agile project management can become a seamless flow and let you achieve continuous delivery:

3Scrum Taskboard & Quality Statistics:

View, assign & deliver tasks on a Kanban

taskboard. Add or import test cases & defects

4Continuous Integration:

Continuously integrate with code base to achieve Continuous Delivery

1Program Backlog Management through Stories:

Manage your Program Backlog by adding User Stories and view Program data on a single screen.

2Plan Iteration:

Iteration backlog planning & prioritization in few clicks

Continuous Delivery:

Continuously deliver shippable software in increments

Iteration/Sprint Execution:

Plan, Execute iterations & view statistics on a single dashboard to be daily scrum ready