Agile methodology or the Agile became the "current buzz" by 2014-15. In reality, beyond the buzz, there is a revolutionary development methodology. The Agile Methodology is an outcome of agile manifesto which first brought in the use of the term “agile” in the year 2001. while no more nascent, agile is still very much evolving rapidly.

Basic of Agile Development Methodologies are captured as - Incremental, Iterative and Interactive

Instead one giant release as in waterfall, Agile advocates sprints or iterations that produces incremental working software. When these sprints are iterated, it converts backlog to software. Equally important, agile advocates early interaction with customer to allow changes and improvements to ensure value creation.

JamBuster Agile Project Management

Term ‘The Agile’ has now become synonymous with combination of scrum, extreme programming (XP) and Kanban methodologies. Thus scrum teams, backlog, retrospectives are combined with XP iterations and stories, along with Kanban Task boards for the scrum teams.

Agile, Scrum & Kanban Project Management

While the terms Agile Development Methodologies and Agile Project Management are used interchangeably, difference is focus. Agile development methodology relates to how agile team develop software - through well-defined backlog of stories which are completed over time-boxed iterations to yield incremental working software. Agile Project management focuses on project backlog, team and budget, release roadmap and risk/impediment management. While Scrum Project management methodology is a good choice for new application development, Kanban Project Management is more suited for maintenance projects, where team focusses more on solving customer reported issues and addition of few features.

JamBuster’s SoftAgile & SoftALM

JamBuster offers two agile software: SoftAgile and SoftALM. SoftAgile is a project management tool for project driven services teams. SoftALM is an integrated, end-to-end software for agile + waterfall Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) built for product driven teams.

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