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JamBuster Technologies, founded in 2004, is a venture by Satish Kamat (PhD, ChemE) and Suneeta Kamat (MS, NucE). Each of them bring 11 years+ of US Fortune 100 Companies experience in technology management and 10 years+ of experience of building and operating a 350+ people strong R&D center in India.

This varied software experience molded JamBuster in an enterprise software product company that provides businesses – small or large, with software to manage their Technology Project Portfolio (like Agile Project Management) and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). These solutions are geared for product and services companies, from different fields such as IT, Telecom, Services, etc.

For Software product and services companies, we are commercializing SoftALM™. SoftALM™ is an agile ALM tool (application lifecycle management tool), thereby covering requirements, program planning, release management, sprints, test cases, defects and customer in one solution.

While SoftALM™ is an enterprise Agile ALM solution, with feedback from small company customers, we are also introducing SoftAgile™ which is an Agile tool. SoftAgile™ is our solution for small teams of 10-100, still with enterprise capabilities, san the lifecycle utilities.

JamBuster became a full agile enterprise itself in May 2014, using our own SoftALM™ tool to manage our application lifecycle process. We were doing application lifecycle management even before SoftALM™ by using our tool GDE (Global Delivery Excellence) that offered few agile features way back in 2010. But it is only in 2013, we felt the pulse of the industry vis-à-vis Agile ALM. With very few tools offering meaningful benefits in the Agile Application Lifecycle Management arena, we looked at a wonderful opportunity to develop an end-to-end Agile ALM tool that could take away the cumbersome need of enterprises to have and maintain a patchwork of ALM tools. SoftALM™ has been an outcome of our team’s perseverance and expertise. We know from our experience, how SoftALM™ has transformed our outlook towards agile and helped our customers have a truly end-to-end Agile ALM Tool that lets their enterprise flourish and develop extraordinary software!

JamBuster is an ISO 9001:2008 Company and all the modules in our software’s are developed with highest quality as a results of standards and processes. Our rich experience in the past serves as a catalyst for new innovations in the field of enterprise software for business every day usage. Let us work to connect your teams so that they can collaborate together to conquer the hearts of our customers!

JamBuster Co-founder Satish Kamat

Satish Kamat, PhD, Chemical Eng

Director - Technology & Marketing, Co-founder

Satish, after completing graduate school from Iowa State University in 1992, joined Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. and spent next 11 years in various technical and management roles. At Air Products, he worked and led stochastic modelling, Chemicals R&D, high-throughput screening (HTS), informatics, New Product Development (NPD) using Stage Gate and Portfolio Management. Under Satish’s leadership as R&D Process Owner for $2.6B Chemicals Group, Air Products was selected as one of the 5 Best Practice Partners for New Product Development R&D in USA, by American Product Quality Center (APQC).

In 2004, Satish returned to India to co-found JamBuster to develop enterprise technology management software and consulting services. Over 2004-2007, with Satish’s technical leadership, our projects involved strong technology focus- combining chemo-informatics, drug discovery, mobile, GPS/GIS, telecom and enterprise. It became therefore natural for us to build and operate R&D Captive centers for our technology customers. Recently, Satish returned full time to JBT, after building EXFO India as its Country Head from a 15 people project team at JBT (Sept 2006) to its current 350+ employees (Sept 2013), under a Build-Transfer-Operate contract.

JamBuster Co-founder Suneeta Kamat

Suneeta Kamat, MS, Nuclear Eng

Director - Operations & Finance, Co-founder

A physicist by training, Suneeta completed graduate school from Iowa State University in 1991. In 1992, she joined Nuclear Reactor Simulations Group in PPL Inc., in Allentown, Pa. USA. For next 11 years, she contributed in various individual and technical leadership roles in PPL. In 2004, she returned to India to co-found JamBuster, with Satish.

During 2005-2009, Suneeta led JamBuster operations as our Informatics Outsourcing Services grew from 5 to 50 people.

During 2007-2011, Suneeta led scaling of operations of an India Captive Center from 15 to 300 employee team for one of our BTO (Build-Transfer-Operate) customer. During this time, Suneeta realized the lack of enterprise software for micro, small and medium businesses to manage their operations (human resources, recruitement, assets, administration, help desk). This led to development of JBT CorpCloud- enterprise solution for 20-2000 people companies.

Our Story

JamBuster was founded by Satish & Suneeta Kamat in April 2004 in Pune, India, as a technology boutique to develop a R&D Management Software and related consulting. By 2004, many multinationals were opening their Indian R&Ds. Around same time, under Satish’s leadership as R&D Process Owner for Chemicals Group, Air Products was selected as one of the 5 Best Practice Partner for New Product Development R&D by American Product Quality Center (APQC).

During the years 2004-2010, JamBuster leveraged the software outsourcing wave in a limited manner to finance its software product development ambitions. During this time, we worked on more than 100+ projects with Technology Companies like Air Products, Symyx, EXFO, and with teams ranging from 3-30 people, on multiple continents. We also helped global chemicals giants to select the best city for their Indian R&D Centre or researched hiring strategies for their specific need. In some cases, we provided end-to-end recruitment services. Our focus have been of research and technology driven.

In 2006, JamBuster signed with a North America Telecom leader, a BTO (Build-Transfer-Operate) contract for an R&D Software Captive Centre in Pune. That centre grew from 15 people in 2006 to 65 people in 2007, and was transferred to the customer in 2007, but was operated and managed until it grew to about 350 people, in 2012.

By 2009, JamBuster decided to completely move out of outsourcing business, to focus on software product development, while completing the ongoing captive contracts. This experience of managing operations of a fast growing small company, build-operate-transfer a captive software R&D center for a multinational in India, and manage 100+ out-sourced software projects across time zones, led to our solidify our beliefs: need of micro, small and medium companies to be able to manage their multi-site operations, technical and administrative while serving local and global customers. Needs for mobile, collaborative and integrated solution were the most pressing.

In 2014, JamBuster, armed with this experience and conviction of its objective of building software for mSME, decided to further focus on R&D Technology Management, Agile Application Lifecycle Management Software and Agile Tools for Enterprises. Over this transformational year, we plan to introduce these two lines of software, on cloud and on-site for mSME.

Thus, JamBuster started with the intention of building technology management software, after taking few detours to software development outsourcing and captive R&D management for multinational, is now Back To Its Future – building software products!


"During our 3 years of collaboration, we have been extremely pleased with JBT's performance. Project management and supervision was outstanding, while allowing us to stay in direct contact with the actual developers. We were particularly impressed by the flexibility of the organization, the adaptability to change, and the willingness to do whatever it takes to ensure successful project deliveries."

Director, European Operations Bio & Chemicals Informatics MNC


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JamBuster Profiled in APAC 25 Most Promising Agile Solutions Provider:

APAC CIO Outlook has selected JamBuster in its 2016 Annual 25 Most Promising Agile Solution Providers in APAC region. JamBuster is the only Make-in-India Agile ALM tool maker who also offers Transform Enterprise to Agile (TEA) framework for companies looking to move to Agile Development + DevOps.

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