JamBuster’s iLabs® is a Laboratory Asset Management Software, with an Indian Iconic Pharmaceuticals as Development & 21CFR11 Validation Partner!

Enterprise Laboratory Asset Management Application

This JamBuster’s iLabs® Product Tour takes you through this Enterprise Lab Asset Management to demonstrate how it provides you ROI in less than a year, while transforming your lab asset transactions to digital agility!

Key Features

iLabs® - Digital Leverage:

  • Track using RFIDs, Bar-Code
  • Secured, Role Based Access
  • Digital Signature
  • Who, When What Audit-trail
iLab’s Digital Leverage

iLabs® - Quick Dashboard Reports:

  • Visibility, Usage Trend
  • Per Project Cost, History
  • Returns, Available Alerts, etc.
  • Configurable TO REFILL Alerts
  • Automated Random Audits
iLab’s Quick Dashboard Reports

21CFR11 Validated Developed & Validated with An Indian Pharma Giant as a Development Partner!

21CFR11 Validated Developed & Validated

iLabs® - Enterprise Scalability

As enterprise software, iLabs® can handle
10-1000 users, along with their millions of
materials & equipment and many-folds transactions.

iLab’s Enterprise Scalability

Try It

Experience iLabs® up close using our demo site at iLabs.jbt.in.

It's simple.

  1. Register using your company email address.
  2. Using the email, verify your email address.
  3. Once verified, your profile will be created on the demo site.
  4. You will receive your profile credentials.
  5. Log in using the credentials.

Buy It

iLabs® is available for commercial usage through following three licenses: Annual On-Premise, Perpetual On-premise, & Annual Cloud License. Below are pricing for first two licenses.

Annual Perpetual
25 $3250 $4500
50 $6250 $8500
100 $12000 $15000
250 $21000 $28000
500 $36000 $48000


JamBuster Support is available at two levels:

  • Standard Support: Basic complimentary support bundled with purchase of a JamBuster product.
  • Premier Support: Our high-end, dedicated support plan, recommended for enterprise customers. Building on standard support operations, the premium support includes:
    • Extended support resolution timings
    • On-site and off-site support
    • Dedicated support representative
    • Additional training and knowledge transfer

Support Hours: IST 10.00 am to 6.30 pm

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