Scrum is the most basic and beneficial way for any organization looking to have


Project Management. The following few points will help point out if you are really Agile and if you are doing it right:

  • You have only 3 roles in your

    Scrum Team

    : The Product Owner, Team and the Scrum Master
  • You have a daily 15 minute Scrum with the Team presided by the

    Scrum Master

  • Your Sprints are not more than 15 days or 2 weeks long
  • You have a Backlog refinement meeting before each Sprint
  • After each Sprint, there is a Sprint Review meeting in which the Product Owner is showcased a potentially shippable product increment
  • The

    Product Owner

    sets the Definition of ‘Done’ and may add new items to the Product Backlog
  • You perform a scrum of scrums meeting if you have many scrum teams working concurrently, at same or different geographical locations. (Derives its basis from the scaled agile framework for enterprise teams)

To sum up, we all know the benefits of Agile Methodology but very few know how to implement Agile and most importantly, implement Agile in larger, Enterprise teams.

Our tryst with technology for last 10 years has made us to realize the importance of implementing Agile at enterprise level. And so, we have developed this unique Agile Tool named SoftAgile which lets you do agile project management within budgets!

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