The SoftALM® model explained below provides an overview of SoftALM's features

    Programs & Releases:

  • Plan, Execute Programs & their Releases.
  • Define Release efforts & load teams accordingly.

    Product Features & Requirements:

  • Develop & manage Product Portfolios
  • Define product backlogs through hierarchy of Epics, Features & Requirements

    Customer Feedback:

  • Provide superior customer support by enabling the customer to add feedback/defects directly.
  • Review and include feedback in current Release or add to Product Backlog
SoftALM: End-To-End Agile ALM Tool For Scaling Agile For Enterprise Key Features

    Development Sprint:

  • Manage software development through Sprints or Iterations.
  • Create, assign & deliver tasks on the taskboard. See burn-downs on your dashboard.

    Test & Defects Management:

  • Manage repository of test cases and defects for each Product & Program.
  • Add, Edit, Import or Export test cases & defects to SoftALM®

SoftALM® is one ALM tool that you will need whether you chose to do Waterfall development or Agile development. Mentioned below are some key features:

  1. End-to-end Solution: SoftALM®’s

    Application Lifecycle Management

    (ALM) model as shown in Figure, starts from requirements, i.e. Define Product and goes all the way to Release (After Quality Analysis/ Verify Quality) to include Customer Support. This enables to have end-to-end visibility and traceability throughout the Application Development Lifecycle allowing your team to be truly nimble or agile.
  2. Agile ALM: In Plan Program module, SoftALM® provides complete agile project management capabilities and thus seamlessly integrate benefits of Agile methodology by creating a scaled agile framework for enterprises. SoftALMTM is thus truly an

    Agile ALM tool

    . It still does provide waterfall methodology as a back-up for on-going those programs.
  3. Functional Modules: SoftALM®’s modules provide full functionality needed for each step in the process. Thus Plan Program, provides all capabilities needed for planning a software product program – from team, scoping program backlog from product backlog, planning releases – duration, teams, working backlog, and sprints. It also contains Program, Release and Iteration Dashboards that facilitate analysis for further planning or modifications.
  4. Roles Based Access: Roles and responsibilities related to each role are very important and hence we do full justice to it in SoftALM®! Having role-based access lets you customize your entire team’s dashboards, so managers get to mentor team’s efforts as the work progresses.
  5. Enterprise Software

    : SoftALM® is an Enterprise Software, in a sense it can serve 5 to 5000 people working across multiple locations and facilitates collaboration with customers spread across the globe, while role based configurable access ensures security of information on need-to-know basis!

Hence, SoftALM® builds on the Methodology you prefer (Agile or Waterfall) to make the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) process a collaborative one and provide you with data at your fingertips to make quick decisions!

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