SoftALM® provides all capabilities that an ideal Agile Software should possess. Along with being an ALM Software Tool, SoftALM leverages Agile methodology to attain continuous delivery. Below are the key capabilities of SoftALM as an Agile ALM Tool, keeping the Agile Manifesto as basis:

Agile Program/Project Management

  • Create Program Backlog items in less than 10 seconds
  • Create a new Program in a few clicks
  • Create Stories and map Requirements easily
  • Requirements – Test Case – Defect Mapping

Scrum, XP, Kanban & Lean

  • Create Scrum Teams and their Backlogs
  • Create a team-wise backlog
  • Deliver tasks on a Kanban taskboard
  • Lean principles applied to ensure minimum details and improve efficiency
  • Extreme Programming (XP) leveraged for iterative development with Customer feedback incorporated in each Release cycle.

SoftALM thus provides an Agile ALM Software Tool that is simple yet intelligent!

SoftALM® is an Agile ALM Software that leverages Agile methodology while providing following key ALM capabilities:

Product Definition

  • Create & add new Product lines & Products in seconds!
  • Instant Product detailing, progress status & quality reports
  • Create Product Backlog, detail Feature with Stories Requirements

Test & Defect Management

  • Traceability of Requirements / Stories to Test Cases & Defects
  • Repository of Test Cases & Defect by Product Versions & Programs
  • Export/Import Defects & Test Cases in a single click

Customer Support

  • Allow your customer to report issues from your website.
  • Review if issue is a defect, a new requirement
  • Push customer feedback into program backlog!

Program/Activity Management

  • Create Programs that to implement Product Roadmap
  • Create Scrum teams, add Iterations, stories and tasks
  • Release/Iteration burn-downs & Scrum task-boards

Release & Configuration Management

  • Plan & monitor Releases & Iterations in few clicks
  • Create On-Demand Release & add features to include
  • Use Release Configuration Data for Continuous Delivery

SoftALM® provides a scaled agile framework to transform your enterprise to Agile! The heart of agile is its team that brings the agility. This improved velocity necessitates a relatively large product backlog at all times. Thus for enterprises, scaling agile is being able to scale product definition backlog and closely monitor its burn-down in program/release/iterations to ensure agility.

Product Definition

  • Easy to add Product Backlog & Product Roadmap
  • Manage multiple Product Releases within a product line
  • Epic – Feature – Story - Requirements hierarchy to scale up product backlog
  • Add extra-edge to your Backlog by including customer feedback

Agile Program Management

  • Program to manage A Product Line
  • Plan & Monitor multiple products’ releases in a single program for a product line
  • Capture ALM of a Product by creating multiple Programs
  • Create & manage concurrent releases & their iterations

Connect Global Scrum Teams

  • Have multi-located teams work on a single Release
  • Plan & Manager Releases with Multiple scrum team for large enterprise team
  • Stay on the same page by viewing location-wise progress on the Release
  • Send/View Scrum reports to team members & chat with your team

SoftALM thus provides an Agile ALM Tool that facilitates seamless transformation of your enterprise to Agile!

SoftALM® provides a very simplistic flow that will ease the Agile ALM for your enterprise.


  • All key tasks can be accomplished within 5 seconds!
  • The Menu resembles ALM cycle for user to experience an intuitive flow
  • 1 click dashboard displays all relevant data for any Program, Release or Iteration

Integrated Information

  • All the information is integrated (even for geographically spread-out teams) & displayed on 1 dashboard
  • User Story – Requirement – Test Case – Defect traceability to provide an end-to-end view
  • History maintained for the changes made to each artifact & its available on a click!

Roles & Rights

  • The modules of SoftALM are functional, there by provide ease of use and access!
  • Roles & Rights are completely configurable in a few clicks!
  • The super-user can change configuration settings easily & needn’t be a systems expert to do so

SoftALM thus provides an Agile ALM Software that’s so easy to use, that your team will take less than a day to learn it!