Satish Kamat Director JamBuster

Why One more Agile Tool

Satish Kamat, MD, 28 February 2016.

We at JamBuster Team are very proud to introduce our new Agile Tool, SoftAgile, over next week!!!

SoftAgile was born in a very counter intuitive way.

In 2014, we saw that to build an application required using multiple ALM tools: product or backlog definition tool, project planning, sprint & task management, testing, defect & issue management, release management along with integrations to IDE and SCM tools. It is almost like a ALM quilt made of patchwork of tools!

One of the big challenges with such patchy ALM is that you have to keep on switching between different tools, and thus an integrated view of the project is almost impossible.

Different ALM tools for single Agile process

So we envisioned an end-to-end agile ALM platform that will have five modules: define product, plan program, develop software, verify quality & customer support. We named it SoftALM®

We got lot of interest from a software product companies to become our beta partners. And their feedback started to bring polish to our vision of SoftALM®.

And then it stuck to us that the SoftALM® is most suitable to either Software Product companies or those who build applications for their businesses and customers, like insurance, banking or e-retailer. The focus here is developing software as a product.

The feedback from our software services beta partner, was of course, by now understandable. They felt SoftALM® was a bit too product centric for their use.

Service companies and start-ups suggested could we change the focus more to project and customer?

This meant almost taking out product axis and replacing it with customer, project and application focus. This was the birth of SoftAgile. It is thus counter intuitive that we would built a big Agile ALM platform for product focus, and then carved out a smaller application from it. Of course, SoftAgile therefore benefitted from instant enterprise scalability.

Single platform for different ALM and Agile functionalities

Turned out, the SoftALM® was built so logically that it's transformation to SoftAgile was swift. We took about 15 months to build SoftALM®. SoftAgile took only 2 months to be carved out!

So you can see why we built these two tools!

  1. To tailor each agile tool as per product (SoftALM®) vs project (SoftAgile) focus of end users.
  2. To provide integrated applications that provides end-to-end capabilities for either of these end user groups.
  3. To provide tighter integration between ALM attributes, that reduces rework and provide total visibility across product and project axes.

Well, when was the last time an Agile ALM software gave you a dashboard that combined your entire project work flow, like our DashFlow™ - the project dashboard in SoftAgile? This is how we saw integration working for you.

Dashboard and flow in SoftAgile

During these 2 years, we discovered an another view of iterative agile-namely improving software through feedback over multiple early and many releases... more like crafting software!!!!

So now you can unleash the power of your agile team to craft your next great software with SoftAgile!

Take a tour of our SoftAgile™.

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