Founded in April 2004 in Pune, India, JamBuster started as a technology boutique to develop Software and consulting for R&D Porject Portfolio. During the years 2004-2010, we delivered 100+ projects with technology companies like Air Products, Symyx & MusicIP. We also provided India R&D Center Research for Multinationals like DuPont, Dow Chemicals, looking to leverage India. In 2007, JamBuster signed with a North America Telecom leader, a BTO (Build-Transfer-Operate) contract for an R&D Software Captive Centre in Pune. The center grew to 400+ people by 2013. By 2011, we were developing products like GDE, SoftALM & recently AgileBiz for domestic and international customers. GDE was recognized by NASSCOM 2011 Emerge Award. We inadvertently got to participate into all three waves of software revolution in India -outsourcing, multinational captives and finally in software product development.
We believe that these three waves provided the ground work for building a sunami called the productized services, particularly digitalized business process services. So for those who counted India out of software, just wait for few more years. And don't be fooled by the calm waters. Underneath the calm waters, a sunmai is building!!!

Update September 2017
With the changing world, we are now morphing JamBuster into a new age productized services company. So, stay tuned as we go into stealth mode to complete our transformation. Meanwhile, if you need to contact us, email us at

Update October 2017
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