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JBT Cares Foundation

JBTCares Foundation is a Section 80G NGO (Non-government organization). It was founded in 2013 and received its 80G status in 2015. JBTCares is focused on transforming Indian Health & Education through information technology and working with stakeholders in government, other NGOs and start-ups.

JamBuster started practicing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) from its very first profitable year (2006). These activities encouraged employee involvement through contributions matching and paid activities time. In a more formal step, we established a NGO, JBTCares Foundation on 29th October 2013 for imparting Corporate Social Responsibility.  


The objective of JBTCares Foundation is: to support, sponsor and collaborate on key educational advancement and health-care activities for economically underprivileged persons.  Followings are some of our current activities:

  • (2018+): This project is aimed at making available medical disease information through mobile, illustrative graphical images in 10 Indian native languages.  eSymptoms is a project started by two tenth-grade students (Alka  & Uma Kamat) with guidance from a leading Pune Pediatrist, Dr B S Ratta. Click on this paragraph title to see its impact.

  • Prof N D Kamat Thalassemia Center (2014-19): Red Cross Pune: As a major first steps toward CSR, we entered into MOU with Indian Red Cross Society on 1st August 2014. Accordingly, the JBTCares Foundation donated sum of Rs 20, 00,000/- to Thalassemia Centre for providing medical treatment, facilities, equipment’s, blood transmission & medicines for thalassemia affected patients who could not afford the expenses. Annually about 350+ beta-thalassemia patients receive free blood transfusions under this partnerships.

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